This was Digital Vomit Records

Digital Vomit was a decentralized collective from 2005-2015.

Digital Vomit had members worldwide, with responsibilities and power distributed between us all. Who was in charge of DV? Everyone and no one…

Between 2005 and 2015 we released a number of CDs and MP3 albums (plus a DVD, four 7"s, a 12" LP, ringtones, a zine, and an 8-track) - over 100 releases spanning over two hundred artists from all corners of the globe.

Our new bandcamp page for 2020! No more dead links! All albums available for download and streaming!!!

New releases

ECFUNDO POSTREMUS - The Final Vomit. 35 tracks to commemorate both our 10 year anniversary and our end. A colossal exclamation point to our decade together.



ANE's second batch of television tinted tracks, with the familiar mix of the old and the new. No staples please.


DVR124 Teuthis Galore / The Dreaming Corpse - Teuthis Galore / The Dreaming Corpse split (MP3 2014)

The first split for both of these artists, this release runs just over half an hour and contains 10 blistering tracks. This is not your grandmother's noise.

Various - Nonjah Tunes (DVR123 MP3 2013)

The second Digital Vomit Dubnihilistic Compilation! 15 new tracks straight out of Babylon!


A Plot Of Knives - The Palace Of Winter (DVR120 MP3 2013)

First release for this Thee Crumb ambient/noise/drone side-project. All-live laptop improvisations with some minimal editing and effects added afterwards.


Pulverized Fontanelle - Mind It (DVR119 MP3 2013)

Full-length debut from this long-gestating project. Elephantine beats and reverb drenched electronics collide in a post-industrial fever dream.


Taman Shud - without music (DVR118 MP3 2013)

A dark ambient side-project from Solypsis. Audio for restless sleep.


SkweeeRRL - Something About SkweeeRRL (DVR109 MP3 2012)

Skweee returns to DV with some seriously skweeet beats from the forest of funk


DVR106 Teuthis Galore and A1K3M1 - Dysphoticism (MP3 2012)

Deep-sea tomfoolery from the Teuth and A1K3M1


Various Artists - Kids 3: Our Dreams Were Made Of... (DVR089 / Bit-Phalanx BITP008DL MP3 2012)

The 3rd Digital Vomit Kids Album is finally here. The theme this time is TV programme themes from your childhood (but maybe not quite as you remembered them). A joint release with Bit-Phalanx.


Thee Crumb - Exteriors (DVR108 MP3 2012)

Thee Crumb's 2012 RPM Challenge album has now landed.

Bulldozerman & Christ Album- Psycho-Anal-Ysis (DVR107 MP3 2012)

Swedish electronic dementia in happy MP3 chunk form.


Teuthis Galore - Occasional Piracy (DVR105 MP3 2012)

Rhythmic and not-so-rhythmic noise for the faint of hearing


My Boy Is Dead - sadEmoticon (DVR104 MP3 2012)

new lo-fi industrial-flavored tracks that walk the line between maudlin and ridiculous

Various Artists - Not Notable

Our "greatest hits" compilation culled from the first 100 releases.

Digital Vomit Torrent! Download the COMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY NOW! (DVR??? MP3)

Solypsis Vs. Human Weapon - Houston, We Are The Problem (DVR086 MP3)

First collaborative effort between these two like-minded rhythmic noise afficionados.


Big In Albania - Gash (DVR085 MP3)

Fine new release from our punktronica king


Various - Dee Vee Skweee (DVR075 MP3)

Two discs of wonky, glitched-up, synthetic Scandinavian funk

Plus limited edition 7"s: DVR075.1 | DVR075.2 | DVR075.3

More releases...

Coming soon…?

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