About Digital Vomit

What is Digital Vomit?

Digital Vomit is a record label, of sorts. We put CDs out - compilations and individual artist CDs - put on gigs (occasionally), and all the rest. But unlike other record labels, we're a true collective - there's no one person behind any of it, no central office, no leadership or hierarchy. Funding for releases is either down to individual artists, or, in the case of our flagship CD series Can Buy Me Love (1-4), funding was split between all the artists involved.

DV is currently in a "beta test" phase in which we are beginning to incorporate all manner of art, video and writing into what we do. Check out the forum to get involved or to share your art.

What sort of music does Digital Vomit release?

Well, all sorts. But to generalise, it's largely electronic, often extreme, sometimes absurd, sometimes horrible, but always fun.

AKA: electronica/IDM, breakcore, noise, post-rock, mash-ups, odd pop, ambient, extreme metal, punk, skweee, etc

How can I be a part of Digital Vomit?

If you want to be a part of Digital Vomit, it's really simple - just come talk to us in the forum, or submit a track for a compilation. In order to talk in the forum (and edit pages on this site), you need to do two things:

1) Register as a user on wikidot (the wiki site we use for our site)
2) Once you are a wikidot member, click "Join this site" above to join us here

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