Burnt Bacon, Right?

Burnt Bacon, Right? started life as an accident during the creation of a track for GPFS XMAS CD (2005/2006).
Since his inception, BBR? Has been busy investigating programmed randomness and randomly programmed auto music synthesis and remixing.

Nice russion review of the BBR albums on HE!

Until his passing in early 2007 BBR? released the following albums:
• Doubly Eggsited (on The Complaints Dept - a Wrong music subsidiary).
• ..And His Fabulous Engine Stage 1, Vol. 1 (Hallo Excentrico!)
• ..And His Fabulous Engine Stage 1, Vol. 2 (Hallo Excentrico!)
• ..And His Fabulous Engine Stage 3 - (CDr, Mini) spunktronic records 2006
• Something for Bunghong? I need to check names and references to discogs

BBR? tracks apear on:
Miscellaneous Deviations (Digital Vomit 2007)
• remix of Junkshop Coyote's Deselected JC Works (BBW Soup)
• remix of Junkshop Coyote's Far Too Sexy
• remix of DIH's Static And Silence (BBW Remix)
• remix of Junkshop Coyote's Psyko_Acid

Can Buy Me Love IV (Digital Vomit 2007)
• remix of Robostud. Ruairi Soup (Burnt Bacon, Right?'s Packet Mix)

Who Killed BumHong? (CDr) Cut To Make You Pretty… (BumHong Records & Hallo Excentrico! 2006)
• Cut To Make You Pretty (as Burnt Bacon, Right? vs. J5)
• J5 Can Suck My Oil

Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society: Chrismarse (The Holy And The Vile Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society 2005)
• The Holy And The Vile

Although BBR? is now dead. He has a son. Long live (Lord) Bix-a-Bix.

For further info contact Keith Hic

BBR at Discogs

HE blogspot - see here for the re issue of Stages part 1 and 2

Bumhong Records

BBR? on Spunktronic Records

Video using BBR stage one track can be found here

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