Distorted in Hindsight (DIH)

Started as a collaboration between Andy N and Keith hic in 1999 , DIH was later joined by UKDragon (Not Pictured) in 2002.

"D.I.H (or originally called Distorted in Hindsight) began officially in 1999, but its seeds can certainly be traced to two or three years before when (Then) young Manchester based poet, Andy N through the efforts of a now Ex friend met also (then) young Bournemouth based Musician / Noise Terrorist Keith Hicc, veteran already of several lo-fi experimental rock and Indie bands such as The Playing Fields, And the Sugar Hiccupped and Ironic? To name but three.

Finding a spiritual bond, with both expressing a interest to embrace the Post Rock sound of Flying Saucer Attack / Mogwai etc they recorded a Series of demos in 1998 just as a bit of fun over one weekend and what Began as just a bit of fun turned into something more serious slowly but Surely, but always kept underground.

Their first mini albums “The Silence of her Wings” (1999) and “Further (2000) were statements rather than extended Eps or short Albums, mostly recorded live (“Further was recorded in one night) and Littered with imperfections and bits of white noise which in some cases Come from almost nowhere but still contains the nuts and bolts of why D.I.H came from, covered with Andy's spoken words backed and sometimes over-taken by Keith's music.

Also in 2002 and carried on annually, the trio also started off their annual DIH & friends at christmas series which is a ongoing series off Christmas albums which is designed to attack the mythos off Christmas and have a good laugh in the process!

In relation to DIH, by the time of their first full length album 'Internal Conflict' (2004) DIH had expanded to become a three piece with 'UK Dragon' becoming a full fledged member, and in the process their sound had yet again transformed so that all three had a hand in the music, and use of Andy's vocals, which although still central to the DIH sound, have become more melted in to the whole effect.

Since 'Internal Conflict' which was finished in 2004 (after over two years of writing, mixing and recording), the band have also surfaced with another full length album 'Suicide (I meant forever) in 2006, before most recently surfacing in 2007 with 'Tribute to Derek Jarman' EP and in 2008 with 'The Hate EP' before splitting and re-surfacing finally with a host of lost material in 2021.

Sounds like (not our description)
‘Imagine Jack Kerouac jamming with The Aphex Twin and you may get the basis for DIH’

Albums / EPs

(Misplaced Demos / Remixes 3)

(Misplaced Demos / Remixes 2)

(Misplaced Demos / Remixes 1)


Demos, Extracts and Rejected Sequences from Metamorphosis (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/demos-extracts-and-rejected-sequences-from-metamorphosis)

Metamorphosis Out-takes (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/metamorphosis-instrumentals-out-takes)

Derek Jarman EP

Derek Jarman EP Out-takes / Demos (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/derek-jarman-ep-demos-out-takes)

Pier Paolo Pasolini EP

Hate EP

Suicide (I meant forever)

Internal Conflict

Internal Conflict – out-takes / demos (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/internal-conflict-out-takes-demos)

Further out-takes


Demo Four – Sleeplessness Remixes (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/demo-four-dih-sleepnesses-mixes)

Demo Three – Drive Remixes 1999 (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/demo-three-dih-drive-mixes)

Demo Two – The Silence of her wings (https://andynproductions.bandcamp.com/album/demo-two-dih-the-silence-of-her-wings-1999)

Demo One

D.I.H also features in the annual Anti Christmas series D.I.H. and friends. This can be found here:


<all off which features exclusive track or tracks by DIH>

DIH and friends @ Christmas Series:

All available for FREE download from HICC

DIH and friends at Xmas 2002

DIH and friends at Xmas 2003

DIH and friends at Xmas at 2004

DIH and friends at Xmas at 2005

DIH and friends at Xmas at 2006

DIH and friends at Xmas at 2007

DIH and friends at Xmas at 2008

DIH and friends at Xmas 2008 Extra EP

DIH and friends at Xmas at 2009

DIH and friends at Xmas 2011

DIH and friends at Xmas 2012

DIH and friends at Xmas 2015

DIH and friends at Xmas 2016

DIH and friends at Xmas 2017

DIH and friends at Xmas 2018

DIH and friends at Xmas 2019

DIH and friends at Xmas 2021

Comp / Mis releases:

A DIH and friends release (which was really Andy N and friends) Wedding EP
for Keith Hicc and UK Dragon appeared on Hallo Excentrico in 2006.
This can be downloaded here [http://www.archive.org/details/hemp020]

Has also appeared on ‘Can’t buy me Love Volume 2’ (Can’t buy me love)
(This can be downloaded FREE from [http://www.archive.org/details/hemp009]

as well as on the comp CD 'Miscellaneous Deviations' which can be downloaded
from [http://www.archive.org/details/dvr014].

A few tracks also appeared on Chrismarse - more details can be found here

A DIH track with a number of related tracks appeared ‘
The Pope album’ (Boyarm records (see here for more info )

DIH had a remix on the M.A.N. remix CD 'Narnia Remixes' which can be downloaded
for FREE here [http://www.archive.org/details/hemp021]

Several DIH tracks appeared on a interview Andy did
Discussing the music projects he is involved
in which can be found here


A remix on Uncivilized - Tara's Adventure's EP
(More information here [http://digitalvomit.wikidot.com/dvr028-uncivilized-tara-s-adventure-remixes-file-mp3-ep'

One track on 'Let's talk about Sex' comp
(More information here

For info contact: Keith Hic, UKDragon OR andy-n

The band also have a myspace.com page [http://www.myspace.com/dihuk]

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