Dih And Friends

The origin behind the infamous series of DIH with friends at Christmas began back in 2002 when for a one off joke as a side project from his more official work in DIH, Andy N one year decided with the help of one or two friends decided to do in his words ‘ A Christmas album for those people who don’t really like Christmas’ where in the space of half an hour (as was the original plan) – Andy
And a few friends would murder, cripple and take the piss out of as many songs as they could.

However, as is the nature of the beast with this sort of thing things snowballed and by the time the second album came along, It had become officially a DIH project where they would between the three of them alongside with an ever increasing cast play around with the myth of the Christmas which will often be funny and sad sometimes within the same breath.

The music contained within this series of albums are varied and can vary from acoustic singer songwriter stuff to music that could appeal to fans of Aphex Twin, fans of the spoken word, re-imagining of carols and classic songs and generally people who like their music to challenge and make them think.

The Christmas albums can be found for FREE download at:

DIH and friends at 2002
DIH and friends at 2003
DIH and friends at 2004
DIH and friends at 2005
DIH and friends at 2006
DIH and friends at 2007
DIH and friends at 2008
DIH and friends at 2008 Extra EP
DIH and friends at 2009
DIH and friends at 2011
DIH and friends at 2012
DIH and friends at 2015
DIH and friends at 2016
DIH and friends at 2017
DIH and friends at 2018
DIH and friends at 2019
DIH and friends at 2021

No Album for 2010 as the band were enjoying Christmas too much! lol and on break from 2013 and 2014 and life got in the way for 2020.

Acts included on past and current DIH and friends at Christmas albums have included

Octave Sounds
Grey Ear, White Noise
Peter Z
Burnt Bacon, Right?
Minimal Impact
Same Actor
24 Hour Arty People
Gavino Produictions
Barbwire Handjob
Buffalo Standing
Scandinavian Noize Syndicate
Ewan Aparicio

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