Various - Cthulu Dildonomicon (DVR009 MP3)


Release date: December 2006
Pressing: unlimited MP3 album
Compiled by Batuta, Lisbent and Solypsis
Artwork by Xian

Download ZIP file (hosted by Hardoff)
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1) Idiot Lust - No Mortal Staircase
2) Maladroit - Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftaghn
3) Vernon LeNoir - Yogg-Sototh Wears Pink Socks
4) Xian - Ia Ia Cthulhu Futagn Ph'nglui Maglw'nafh
5) Tomoroh Hidari - The Dreams In The Witchhouse
6) Hardoff - Portugal Ghost
7) Count Zoloft - Excerpt From Demo
8) Solypsis Vs Spider Quotient - Severed Head Lingus
9) Wyatt Gurp - A Floating Cenotaph
10) Crowne Realty - Cthulu OblongGotJah
11) Jason Forrest - Severe High
12) Hardoff - Kraftlove
13) Desper - The Run
14) Going Public - Collect Call of Ktulu (Invocation of Cthonic Sleeping Pills)
15) Batuta - A Real Monster
16) Hi-Lar - Rituals In Silence
17) Libythth - Ghoulish Twit
18) Uplink - Chamber Of Seven Seals
19) Living Sword - The Thing In The Archway
20) Maladroit - Miskatonic Night Pass
21) Noyzone - Double Team Wrestling Battle Royale Action: Dominantseptakkord and Cthulhu versus Kasperl and Krampus
22) Rawclaw - HP
23) Lisbent - Innsmouth Blues


This is an MP3 collection of audio tributes to fantasy author Howard Philips Lovecraft (1890-1937), as produced and compiled by various members of Jason Forrest's Cock Rock Disco web-forum. This release was compiled over the course of 6 months from June 2006, and despite organisation problems and a whole cacophony of clerical errors, the audio is now available to download from Digital Vomit and Hallo Excentrico! for free.

If you enjoy this release, please visit the good people at Cock Rock Disco at their website - They too have free audio downloads, so grab them while you can. If you would like to find out more about the work of HP Lovecraft, have a look at this tribute website, at, which features comprehensive details on his life, his work, and the Lovecraftian creations based within New England, USA.

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