Jimmy Buffer - Songs That Suck (DVR046)

Songs That Suck

Jimmy Buffer is a pseudonym for a performer who once was a big-shit, up-and-coming rock-star-to-be and who decided to throw it all away in favor of making pretentious, semi-retarded electronic idiocy. His debut on Digital Vomit, Songs That Suck (complete with moronic vacuum cleaner interludes to hammer home the "suck" theme with all the subtlety of a Jenna Jameson film… also, note the use of the Electrolux vaccuum logo as the cover art) is a collection of odd outtakes and discarded experiments that "The Artist" deemed unacceptable for a traditional release.

Fortunately, DV, lacking any standards nor a modicum of quality control, is elated to offer up this collection of malformed audio. And, it might be added, it actually fucking rules.

Below are some blurbs from reviews of his older work from back when he had promise.

"…often incomprehensible and evoke(s) emotions that cannot be adequately described by the English vocabulary"
- Pitchfork

"his music is all decoration and no substance"
- Brainwashed

"…has accidentally reinvented shoegazing with this beautifully evocative lo-fi debut. 4 stars."
- Uncut magazine


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