Various - Dee Vee Skweee (DVR075)

One hour and forty minutes of wonky, glitched-up, synthetic Scandinavian funk

Release date: April 2011
Compiled by: Mattie Twentythree / iivix
Cover art by: iivix

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01. Cuverville – Slata Méchouïa
02. Fengir – Giants March
03. Mojo Goro & Andon – Jamming The Skweee
04. Ixvo-Exvo – Hollo
05. RPG-H8R – Skweeer Eye For The Straight Guy
06. Randy Barracuda – Jizz Fusion
07. Michael BaiL – fesslerlatriganzenlongorio
08. Claws Costeau – TwenyMuthafuckaTweny
09. Daniela Salvia – Heliopolis
10. Thee Crumb – Angels With Concrete Halos
11. Sound Farmer – Attack of the Green Tomatoes
12. mlr – Stalker
13. Mesak – Mukama
14. Wankers United – 3X35
15. Mr Pie – Crash Test
16. Michael BaiL – NY


01. Fengir – Ragnarock
02. RPG-H8R – Hoodies Up
03. Ixvo-Exvo – Arovo
04. Mojo Goro – Jamming The Skweee Alone
05. Ranen – Babylon
06. Mr Pie – Boo
07. Sylopsis – Skweeeming For Vengeance
08. Mojo Goro – Pre-Summer Zeal
09. Ranen – Fruits
10. Michael BaiL – My Nu Hip-Hop Track
11. Datarapist – Condensation
12. Sylopsis – A Brief Hiskweee Of Time
13. Ixvo-Exvo – Neaudo
14. Swordxl – Place In My Heart (Alex DeLarge Mix)
15. Scout Hardcastle – Bubbles' Journey through the Dreamtime


Digital Vomit loves noise, it’s true. But we’ve never just been a noise & breakcore label. More than a sound, DV is about an attitude of reckless experimentalism, punk-DIY-electro, hectic creativity, chaotic fun. Add those values to the sound of squealing synths, glitched-up rhythms, and some huge funkified analogue basses, and you’ve got skweee. So needless to say, Dee Vee loves Skweee too!

With artists from all corners of the globe, and mixing up the skweee establishment with skweee newbies and DV interlopers, Dee Vee Skweee is a little slice of the state of skweee in 2011. Download and enjoy!

But that's not all!

There are three limited edition 7"s with selected tracks from this release:

DVR075.1 - Cuverville / RPG-H8R
(hot pink vinyl)

DVR075.2 - Randy Barracuda / Ixvo-Exvo
(transparent orange vinyl)

DVR075.3 - Mesak / Scout Hardcastle
(sky blue vinyl)



While DV is rather laissez faire when it comes to copyright, I (iivix) felt like it would be worth spelling it out explicitly for a change, so here's the license:
Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported Licence

In other words…

This compilation can be:
- freely shared, copied and distributed
- for non-commercial use only
- provided the tracks are unaltered and attributed to the original artists
- and that the text file (with details of this license) is included with any digital copies

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