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Hi Guys;

Me and Keith Hicc and UK Dragon for several years used to do a annual DIH and friends @ christmas series (

Sadly around 2013 or so, for reasons I won't go into here we had to pack it in.

However, we are now back.

Get in touch if you would like to get involved


Very nice! You should post this on the DV facebook page. I think we should open that page up to personal spamming of projects since it has a much higher profile than this site. Granted, Me/somebody will need to police the site to prevent too much crap, but i think it's a resource that should be exploited.

Anyway, good work! Post it over there.

Anyone who fancies a bit of electro-funky EBM-ish skweee (kinda) dance music, please check out my first solo EP, available now for download:

Download from Bandcamp

EP mini-mix preview

After years of random music, I'd say I've found my sound (or a part of it) - I dig it and I hope you will too.

Out now!

Feel free to pay money for it if the fancy takes you.

Sup y'all!

My new EP, Better Luck Next Time, will be available to download from Bandcamp from February 20th.
I'm very pleased with it, got a whole new sexy pallette of sounds and it's just a far more confident effort than anything I've done before.

Stream it here:

New Alien Hand EP preview by Alien_HandAlien_Hand, 16 Feb 2015 14:02

Hi all

Rotten Fish Head is out there.

You can find the compilation here:

And here:


Thanks to all the contributors.


Re: Faulty Memory Compilation by batutabatuta, 11 Feb 2015 12:02

We've cracked 1,000 plays on Bandcamp, which is fairly impressive I think.

Not many downloads though, looks like only the artists have downloaded it. What the fuck, people?

Updated (4-02-2015):

Everything's ready. Finishing touches on the artwork and the compilation will be done. Released most probably during the weekend. 14 tracks. Thanks to all the contributors. Long live DV!



This is finally going to be out in February. I have enough tracks (14-15) already, and also the artwork is basically done, but I have to wait until the end of january to do the "mastering".

Plus, after thinking about it for like 1 minute, I also want to release it on a new (net) label I'm starting, so, unless any of the contributors doesn't like the idea, this will now be a split release: a DigiVomit/Dreak release. (The idea of not having DigiVomit anymore -where would I throw my compilation ideas at now?- prompted me to come up with this new label.

The title of the compilation is: ROTTEN FISH HEAD.

Re: Faulty Memory Compilation by batutabatuta, 19 Jan 2015 17:43

Two people have paid money for it, and it's in my paypal account. What should I do with it?

Buy yourself a beer, you rock! If it amounts to more than a beer's worth, buy a round for your friends (-: More than that, buy cake too.

This compilation is top and it feels great to go out on a high note.

ah-thank you very much Andy.

I guess I'll just sit on it for the time being.

I was also thinking of this - you can set price on bandcamp for an album to a minimum of 0.00, but not just tick a box and say "free" (it's like they want you to make money or something…)

I say keep an eye one it, and see what happens.

edit: Oh, yes. Uploading images can be done by logging in, then scrolling down to the bottom of the page. On the right is a row of green links:

Edit Tags History Files…..

Click the Files and a list of the attached pictures will be shown. Scroll to the bottom of the list, and you will find Upload a file from your computer Click that and away you go.

Re: Ecfundo Postremus is out now. by ANEANE, 09 Jan 2015 23:32

i was gonna ask that same question today…i say, if it amounts to anything substantial we'll hafta discuss using the money for promotion or a physical release. but in all likelihood it won't be much, so use it to buy yourself a sandwich. you've earned it, big guy.

Two people have paid money for it, and it's in my paypal account. What should I do with it?

Get it, share it, tell your mates!

Can someone please instruct me how to upload an image to the site? I want to put this release on the front page.

Also, don't forget to give yourselves a pat on the back for doing an awesome job! This compilation fucking rules!

I think I'll use DVR129 then, and leave 23 as the missing link in the devolution of digivomit.
Thanks for the info.

Re: Faulty Memory Compilation by batutabatuta, 08 Jan 2015 10:54

Tried submitting again…still "not notable". We must include reviews and articles from scholarly or highly reputable print publications in order to qualify. I guess BBC radio is insufficient, nor is the inclusion of about a dozen artists that wikipedia has fully approved articles on. Nor is inclusion in the AllMusic guide enough. Nor is a mention in the Chicago Reader…the list goes on and on.

The moderators are cunts of the highest order.

DVR023 Various - http hip hop time capsule (aka inter-vom) is/was an idea by Mr. hardoff, Here are the details from the vaults of the Digital Vomitorium.

I'd go with DVR129 (but the less organised part of me is suggesting "DVR Errm…" as the catalogue number to tie in with the theme.)

Re: Faulty Memory Compilation by ANEANE, 07 Jan 2015 21:34


A brief update: this is almost completed, but still going, guys, so if you feel like doing a late contribution you're on time.

I was wondering which catalog number should I use, DVR023 or DVR129. What was DVR023 originally taken for? Maybe it's better to leave it like that, as a gap, as part of the history of the label, or maybe I can use it and fill the gap. What do you think?

Also Mr Jonas sent some nice glitched mod sounds that I've added to the library; you can find them here (pass: vomit):

My goal is to wrap things up by mid-january.

Re: Faulty Memory Compilation by batutabatuta, 07 Jan 2015 15:09
Re: One last compilation by Alien_HandAlien_Hand, 06 Jan 2015 02:19

I know we've had issues with justifying DVs page on Wikipedia - but now these three list us - are we notable enough to last?

Would be fitting to get the page accepted just as we reformat.

The page "Digital vomit" does not exist. You can ask for it to be created, but consider checking the search results below to see whether the topic is already covered.

Terminal 11
labels, including Phthalo, Cock Rock Disco, Hymen Records, Ad Noiseam, Digital Vomit Records, Mutant Sniper and others. His music is characterized by frenetic
2 KB (191 words) - 11:21, 18 January 2014
Noiseam 2006) CBML2 - What Was Once Mine Is Now Yours (Datach'i Remix) (Digital Vomit 2006) Raoul Sinier - Huge Samurai Radish (Datach'i Remix) (Ad Noiseam
4 KB (336 words) - 07:43, 1 November 2014
2007 MIDI_sai Hit Parade (Midiskee Record) CD 2007 Can Buy Me Love IV (Digital Vomit) 2xCD 2007 Statement Of Intent (Noize:tek Recordings) CD 2007 Osaka
3 KB (257 words) - 04:09, 7 April 2013

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