giving away my live software:

  • download pure data extended from here: http://at.or.at/hans/pd/installers.html - pd used to be really tricky to install, but now it is just one click.
  • Open PD, and go to Pd-extended->Preferences->Audio Settings (it might be a little different on some systems, but basically go up into the menu bar and find the 'audio settings' section. Then set your soudcard as the audio output
  • [http://www.m-pi.com/ma4u.zip] mac / linux
  • [http://www.m-pi.com/ma4u-win.zip] windows
  • open a-gig-in-tokyo.pd and then press 1 to start. hit random keys on your keyboard, or read the readme to see what does what.

email me if you want: moc.liamg|ffo.drah#moc.liamg|ffo.drah

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