M.A.N. first formed in 2004, although had being talked about between it's two members both called Andy for at least two or three years before when one night round at Andy N (Music and some words)'s house during a sound testing, Andy M (Vocals) started coming out with this brilliant vocals almost out of nowhere and before the pair of them knew it that night they had recorded their first few tracks.

Their brief originally was not serious - Andy N wanted to have some fun away from DIH (where he still does the vocals) and try and do something slightly more light hearted and in some cases softer.

Andy M at the time was involved in a folk group called 'Plain Jain' and co-formed August sometime later after the collapse of 'Plain Jain' with whom he still works with on keyboards and backing vocals (although he is currently working in South Korea so that is on hold at the moment).

M.A.N. however is different from both of any of the projects that either do otherwise, as although it has the spoken words structure of DIH, the structure of the songs themselves are much more freer and looser, perhaps close to a mixture of Boards of Canada meets Air or The Chemical Brothers with Andy's sometimes improvised vocals.

Their debut album 'Journeys' came out in 2006 and it was also around about this point that M.A.N. also started contributing to the DIH and friends at Christmas and have contributed to several of these albums since.

Their second album simply entitled 'M.A.N.' followed in 2008 on Hallo Excentrico as well as a two separate remix albums of the track 'Narnia'.

After a long, long wait in part because Andy M lived in another part of the world for a few years and Andy N was involved in other projects / hand health issues to deal with but the band recently returned to action with their first release in 8 years 'Special Child' EP with the long delayed third album 'From a Boy..' also complete and due for release shortly.


available for FREE DOWNLOAD from
on http://www.archive.org/details/journeysman

available for FREE DOWNLOAD from
on http://www.archive.org/details/hemp019

'Special Child' EP
available for FREE DOWNLOAD from
on https://hicc.bandcamp.com/album/m-a-n-my-special-child-ep

Mis Releases

'Off the Cuff'

available for FREE DOWNLOAD from
on http://www.archive.org/details/manoffthecuff

'Narnia remix (Minimal Impact Remix)'

available for FREE DOWNLOAD from
on http://www.archive.org/details/manoffthecuff

'Narnia remixes'
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'Christmas with M.A.N.'
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M.A.N. appeared on the track 'What Not to Do If
You Get Married on Christmas Eve'
on DIH and friends's 'Wedding Ep'
available for FREE DOWNLOAD from

Several M.A.N. tracks appeared on a interview
Andy N did discussing his music projects
which can be found here


'Let's talk about Sex' is on appear on the comp
'Let's talk about Sex'
Available for FREE download here


A couple of M.A.N. tracks can be sampled here


Several tracks appeared on the comp
'Guide To Successful Party Training Volume 2'
More info here - http://digitalvomit.wikidot.com/dvr019-various-guide-to-successful-party-training-volume-2

Forthcoming Releases

'From a boy to a…'

The duo also have a myspace.com page
this can be found here


For info contact: andy-n

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