Buying Digital Vomit releases

DVR075.1 / 2 / 3 - Dee Vee Skweee Sevens

These are available direct from Mattie Twentythree / iivix. They're £5.25 / €6 each or get all three for £14 / €16 (plus postage + packing). Please email hirekatsu [a] to order.

DVR002/004/010 - Various - Can Buy Me Love 2-4

Digital Vomit is still trying to work out a fair sales system for the Can Buy Me Love series (and any future releases where lots of people have stock in bulk), but in the mean time, please contact Keith Hic at moc.liamg|cihhtiek#moc.liamg|cihhtiek for more information on buying these items. Where possible we will find the closest seller to you to minimise postage costs.
(Also note that the first edition of Can Buy Me Love is not listed as it is not a Digital Vomit release.)

DVR022 - Thee Crumb - When I Was King Of The Wilderness

This release is limited to 100 numbered copies and is available direct from the artist, either by using Paypal on the Digital Vomit blog HERE or contact via ku.oc.oodanaw.emohnaeporueefas|nala#liame for £6 each including P&P worldwide.

DVR015 - Various - Guide To Successful Party Training

Due to the limited nature of this release, it is suggested you download this and make a CD-R for yourself. If you really want an "official" copy though, please contact Hicc Org at moc.liamg|cihhtiek#moc.liamg|cihhtiek for a copy.

DVR007 - I Could Do Better Than That - The Best Of Season One

You can get a free copy of this release from ICDBTT themselves. Please email ku.oc.eerhtytnewt|ebircs#ku.oc.eerhtytnewt|ebircs and either Hooray or iivix will be in touch.

DVR006 - Various - Dry Heaves

This release is available from Junkshop Coyote, and you can get a copy by PayPal-ing him $10USD ($8 if you are in the US) along with your address and a note stating what it is you're buying. His PayPal address is ten.tta|etoyoc_pohsknuj#ten.tta|etoyoc_pohsknuj. Also, for a limited time he is selling copies of DVR004 (CBML3) for the same price, or you can buy both for $15 ($13 if in the US), so if you're missing that from your collection, this is the perfect opportunity to get two fantastic compilations in one go. For all information on this release, either ask at the forum or email Mitch at the address above.

All Solypsis releases can be purchased at as physical discs or downloaded for free from this website.

Sold out releases

DVR016 - Various - Nonagenarian Nasties (note - this will be made available as a download along with the upcoming online compilation Awful 2006/2007)

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